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Save time and eliminate errors with Point-and-Ask

Save time and eliminate errors with Point-and-Ask

Save time and eliminate errors with Point-and-Ask

We are excited to announce our Point-and-Ask feature, which allows customers or technicians to just point the phone at the equipment to identify it. Once the equipment is identified, the user can ask a question, see history or view real-time data from the equipment. This feature not only saves time in looking up information but also eliminates errors.

Point-and-Ask field support system

Identification works in three different ways:

Scan a barcode on the equipment
Scan a QR code on the equipment
Just take a picture of the equipment and SnapSupport identifies the equipment using any label such as serial number, part number or name on the equipment

Once the equipment is identified, SnapSupport can enable a variety of actions to make life easy for the user:

Display real-time data from the equipment if it connected. SnapSupport can connect to the equipment using an IoT gateway or near field communication protocols
Complete a checklist. You can enable the user to fill in a troubleshooting checklist for the specific equipment
Show a feed of updates or past history for the specific equipment
Get instant support. The user can ask a question to a product expert for this specific equipment

If your company has multiple instruments at a customer site, SnapSupport's new Point-and-Ask feature is a great way to save time and increase customer satisfaction.

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