Deliver real-time support to customers and field teams

instrumentsupport End-to-end collaboration platform with live video and chat
instrumentsupport On-demand self-support with chatbots and natural language search
instrumentsupport Work instructions and assistance delivered through smart glasses
instrumentsupport IoT connectivity for real-time instrument data

Seamless collaboration using mobile, chat, and video

From customers to your teams in the field, resolve issues faster

Collaborative field support with picture, video, and chat

SnapSupport offers a fast and efficient way to support your field teams whether they are engineers supporting instrumentation, or application scientists working with customers in a lab.

Instrument support app for customers

Enable your customers to quickly and accurately report instrument or consumables related issues. Provide instant support on demand using natural language search and chatbots for frequently occurring issues.

Calculate your savings with SnapSupport


Labor rate per hour per FSE/Technician$ {{rTech}}
$0 $100/hr
Labor rate per hour per Expert/Manager$ {{rExpert}}
0 $100/hr
Average number of jobs per day for technician {{numJob}}
0 10
Cost per trip(includes hotel costs, travel costs)$ {{tripCost}}
0 $6000


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% of jobs where technician needs assistance {{helpPm}}
0 100
Number of Issues faced per month {{issuesPm}}
Time saved per job when using SnapSupport(minutes) {{helpTimeSaved}}
0 100
% of jobs with issues where repeat trips are eliminated {{tripsElimIssue}}
0 100
Number of trips avoided per month {{tripsAvoidedPm}}
Expert time saved per job when using SnapSupport (minutes) {{expertTimeSaved}}
0 100


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Technician time saved per inspection(minutes) {{techTimeSaved}}
0 100
Field manager time saved per inspection(minutes){{fmTimeSaved}}
0 100
Number of inspection per day{{numReport}}
0 100
Number of technician/FSEs{{numTech}}
${{ annualSavings }}
{{ ROIval }}%
Trip costs saved per tech per month per FSE/tech
Total costs saved per tech/FSE per month
Export/support savings per month per tech/FSE
Admin/reporting savings per month
Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster
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