Transform your customer and field support using mobile, video, collaboration, augmented reality, and analytics

Report and resolve with pictures and live video
Instant support with live chat or AI chatbot
Instant Predictive Updates
Product info with augmented reality

SnapSupport Collaborative Support Platform

For customers on your website to teams in the field,
resolve issues faster

Provide instant support to your key customers

Create a direct channel between your key customers using SnapSupport mobile app and make it extremely simple for them to report issues with pictures and videos.

Support customers on websites

Enable customers to chat with your support or products team or with a knowledgeable chatbot. Answer product or order related questions or simply help the customer pick the right product.

Support engineers and sales teams in the field

Let your field teams send questions and support requests and using a simple mobile app. Requests are automatically routed to the most qualified support team member immediately.

Report and track incidents in hospitals and factory floors

Use the lightweight SnapSupport app to empower your employees to report any quality related incidents within seconds. All incidents are captured and assigned to the right team members for quick resolution.

Start collaborating with your field teams and customers to solve issues faster
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